Amrita: Female Ejaculation

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Amrita is a Sanskrit term referring to “the drink of the gods, which grants them immortality”. In Modern Tantra, the term refers to “female ejaculate”, a fluid that is released from the urethra during sexual stimulation – commonly known as “squirting”.

Leah Alchin, who leads our women’s Source Tantra groups at our seminars, describes Amrita – also known as Female Ejaculation.

A lot of women ejaculate right around the time they are coming of age, but become embarrassed because they thought they urinated during love making.

Once they gain knowledge about the power of female ejaculation in our Source Tantra workshops, they often experience profound pleasure and sexual healing.

Leah clarifies that rather than trying to achieve any particular sexual experience, the real goal is to open to more love.

“How much love can I take into this sacred temple?”

Learn how women can awaken their “Sacred Water” with G-Spot Massage in this video with Leah Alchin, Vice President of the Source School of Tantra Yoga.

For a private healing session with Leah Alchin, please visit our Tantra Teacher Directory.


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