Do Yogis Have Better Sex?

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The Yoga Journal asked a panel of experts: Do Yogis Have Better Sex?

Charles Muir
, Founder of the Source School 
of Tantra Yoga, pioneer of conscious 
sexuality, and yoga teacher replied:

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“Yogis can be better lovers because of their breath control, flexibility, and ability to be present. Tantra Yoga is a path to increase sexual energy, which is not just the energy of passion, but also the energy of creativity and of the animating life force that keeps us young and vital. Just through breathing at the right time, all yogis can take an ordinary orgasm, add pranayama, and quadruple its length, power, and ability to awaken the brain and upper chakras. So, yogis can make better lovers, and Tantra yogis can become masters of the art of love.” ~ Charles Muir,

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