Older Men and Impotency: Can Tantra Help Me? {Mare Simone}

Certified Tantra Educator Spotlight with Mare Simone, CTE 4

mare 4I frequently encounter clients who, as they mature and their hormone levels shift, they begin to lose faith in their own sexuality.

Men become victims of the myth of the Perpetual Erection. It has always existed, but it’s become even more destructive because of the way in which the issue is treated in most pornography, which always features a purported Superman. That’s not reality. Often porn stars use Viagra or “fluffers”, women whose job it is to keep them aroused and hard for their performance.

It often seems as though performance anxiety and the pressure that goes along with it is the culprit that causes impotency and perpetuates it. Often I’ve found that when a man doesn’t put pressure on himself nor does his partner, the problem resolves itself, just being present and thoroughly enjoying the moment.

In Tantric sex, it’s not so important how hard your erection is, how long it lasts, or whether or not you are even hard at all.

mare 3Not only is it possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating, I have also known men who have had profound full body orgasms and multiples, without even being erect!

There are many other delightful ways that you can join with your partner to create great pleasures together, using your hands or mouth that don’t require an erection.

Tantric teaches you: how to channel your sexual energy throughout your entire body and to your partner’s body… How to have non-genital, full body orgasms…

How to enter into an exquisite spiritual/sexual state… to feel the energy flowing right through you, into your partner and back into you… creating a continuous stream of energy that flows between you. It’s incredibly satisfying! And you can do all this without necessarily having an erection.

Interestingly I have found that when sexual partners are not so concerned about whether the man has a full erection or not, the problem often ceases on its own, without needing to be fixed.

Taking the pressure off and not having to perform gives way for a deeper more gratifying experience of relaxed arousal and tremendous pleasure.

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mare 2Mare Simone is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator through the Source School of Tantra Yoga and lives in Southern California. She travels the world teaching Tantra.

As a pioneer of sexual love and intimacy, she is dedicated to helping enlighten the world in the empowering benefits of healthy sex and awareness.

Mare is a featured in a variety of educational videos such as: “Sexual Secrets – A Surrogates Guide to Great Sex”. She has appeared on HBO’s “Real Sex,” as well as The Playboy Channel, E!, British ITV, and in the popular video “Ancient Secrets, For Modern Lovers”. She appeared on “Strange-Sex” on the Discovery, TLC – The Learning Channel as The Bedroom Coach, working with a couple that she again works with for a few TV documentaries from Sweden. And is in a feature film, “The Lonely Italian”.

You can read more about her at www.maresimone.com.

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