Love After 50: Reclaiming Feminine Confidence {Caroline Muir}

For Women Over 50 Ready to Re-Ignite Their Vibrancy, Passion for Life and Magnetic Attraction {Caroline Muir}

caroline1Would you be surprised if I told you that most women struggle with self-confidence issues? Probably not.

The sad truth is this: Despite the fact that women have made great strides over the last decades, the bias against the feminine remains an underlying current. Nowhere does this hit home more clearly than with women over 50. Youth & wafer-thinness are the norms for feminine desirability these days, so the question is … What can we do about it?

INTRODUCING: Reclaiming Feminine Confidence

It turns out that in a study of body image for women over 50, more than 70% surveyed reported that they were trying to lose weight. 70%! Which means if your answer to my question wasn’t very positive, you’re not alone.

Reclaiming Feminine ConfidenceThis is but one of many not-so-promising statistics which reveal just how negatively many women feel about ourselves as we age.

The end result? We hide.

This “hiding” can look like:

  • Wearing frumpy clothing
  • Avoiding eye contact with men we’d love to meet
  • Dismissing our sexual energies as no longer important
  • Referring to ourselves with “over-the-hill” language

All the while, deep inside, feeling that longing for a deep level of satisfaction, companionship … and pleasure!

So if you’ve turned to things like chronic dieting, “hiding,” or negative self-talk about yourself and your body as you mature, I urge you to discover how you can reclaim your feminine confidence during this landmark training with Caroline Muir.

Reclaiming Feminine Confidence

This totally free, 3-part video series is wonderful! It was lovingly developed by Caroline Muir, co-author of “Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving” and author of her riveting memoir, “Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening”

Reclaiming Feminine Confidence is a priceless piece of training that offers value to women and the men who love them. If you or someone you love is a woman over 50 … you don’t want to miss this!

As a best-selling author and celebrated Tantra Yoga educator for more than 30 years, Caroline Muir is a mentor to many of today’s experts in the field of Sacred Feminine Empowerment.

Her free video series is only available for a short window of time, so be sure to have a look. Simply go here to register now for immediate access: Reclaiming Feminine Confidence

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