The Science of Orgasm & The Fountain of Youth {Shirley Donnelly}

“Tantra allows us to expand this time period (of orgasm) and all our energy emanating from the second chakra, hara, yoni, and sacred spot – which I believe is our True Fountain of Youth!” ~ Shirley Donnelly

CTE Spotlight with Shirley Donnelly ACTE

The Science of Orgasm (Your True Fountain of Youth)

Teacher_ShirleyDonnelly-3TIt’s such a blessing and an honor to be able to talk about the benefits of Tantra. I started exploring this path after a really painful divorce in 1998. Having been married for 24 years and suddenly finding myself as a single mom in the world of relationships and sexuality was truly overwhelming and heart breaking.

I started exploring those parts of me that had been buried and on hold for some years with the practice of White Tantra…

Allowing myself one night consistently every week to breathe and run my energy through all the chakras… connecting my heart again to my second chakra was very empowering and healing for me. And then when I was introduced to the Source Tantra courses I was so curious and empowered that I immediately dove head first into all the teachings!

I was able to practice and have healing experiences in this safe container created by my Tantra teachers.

And then after their guidance and courses I became a Tantra teacher myself. This practice is so important for its healing aspects and initially that is exactly what I needed. I felt broken, discarded, unwanted by my former partner and my culture. A single mom at 48 in our culture does not have a lot of choices around how to connect with others about her sensuality and sexuality. It can be really disheartening.

As a Tantric Educator I am in a position to help other women and men who find themselves in that same first step… what do I do now?

One thing I am so clear about is that after the healing… however long that takes… comes the “expansion”!

An orgasm can go on for minutes (or longer with various techniques). To be clear, it is that period of time “before” our climax. In fact, one of my teachers calls climax a “genital sneeze”. If we focus on Climax too much… to get in, get off and get out… we have lost all the juice in the period just before!

Tantra allows us to expand this time period and all our energy emanating from the second chakra, hara, yoni, sacred spot (which I believe is our True Fountain of Youth!).

If we, as a society continue to cut ourselves off from this limitless resource we have access to because our situation, our culture, our society, even our loved ones tell us we are “done” it is the biggest disservice to us and our communities!

Shirley_2-300x300When we discover the field of an Orgasm, how vast it is, how long it can last, what amazing “feel good” chemicals get produced during that time, it’s a very powerful Rejuvenation tool. When we allow ourselves to open and live in the Orgasmic Energy field that flows from there our bodies, minds, hearts and cells are continually bathed in the rich compounds that are created in this state (Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine).

If we can embrace our sensuality and sexuality and extend the period of time we can actually stay in “orgasm” we can see and feel the benefits almost immediately!

To get right to the point… there is a hunger here in our culture for something so deep… so hard to fill with the “things” our society offers us… food, shopping, mindless TV, alcohol, drugs. The Western Mantra for several is “I Work too much…I Eat Too Much…I Shop Too Much…I Drink Too Much…(please insert your very own “Too Much” here now)! Our Media and Markets know this and prey on this hunger as our major weakness and the most important element for consumerism.

When we can access our Orgasmic Energy and feed our systems with healthy hormones and chemicals, breath and touch we do not need all of the “stuff”! We get filled up on the good stuff.. the stuff we were really hungry and thirsty for all along.. human connection, touch, orgasmic energy flowing through our bodies and feeding our hearts, minds and souls.

When we are truly “full” and satiated we move from there… and then.. everything in our world changes! We flow from this fountain out to our families, jobs, communities. We walk Empowered and Giving in our world…not Depleted and Needy. As an Advance Certified Tantric Educator I am here to continue to deliver that message and extend a hand and heart to that man or woman who has yet to discover their own true Fountain of Youth.

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Teacher_ShirleyDonnelly-5TShirley Donnelly, Advanced Certified Tantric Educator

Shirley is a young spirited, vivacious, high energy Baby Boomer living in Southern Oregon. Since entering the Source School of Tantra she’s been discovering, healing and reinventing how she chooses to embody her sexuality at this stage of her life. All the tools she bring to her work are those that she has personally experienced and found to be helpful to her along her own path. Sherecently retired from the Medical Field after 40 years in order to have more time for her passion of helping women and men rediscover their true Fountain of Youth through their Sensuality and Sexuality. She is a graduate of the Level 3 Tantra Certification program and eternally grateful for the doors it has opened her to. Along with Tantra she also offers experience from other areas such as Jade Egg practices, Human Awareness Institute, One Taste, Tantric Dance, Women’s Embodiment and warm water, flotation healing work, (so helpful with all stress related conditions).

She assists and lead women’s workshops locally and also travels to other areas to lead one day workshops. Currently she is offering a one day workshop called Sexy, Satiated and Sixty. Visit her website:


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