Tantra Weekend in Honolulu, Hawaii {Judith Davis}

Hawaii Tantra Seminar Review – By Judith Shivani Davis, ACTE


For over ten years I have been training with Charles Muir and assisting in our CTE Tantra Teacher Training Program with Source School of Tantra Yoga. I have attended the Tantra Weekend Seminars as participant, trainee, coordinator and assistant.

Each time it never ceases to amaze and inspire me when I see the transformation in our students by the end of the weekend – as they realize they now have tools in their toolbox to open to love where they were closed, or heal wounds where they were hurting.

I am honored to be given the blessing by Charles Muir, CEO of Source School of Tantra Yoga, to take his beautiful body of work and share it with the next generation of Tantricas at our first course in Honolulu, Hawaii this past January 2016.


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I really enjoyed my beginners weekend with Judith Shivani as the main teacher. I was very impressed how she created the sacred space in which all experience was honored. I felt no judgement or expectations of whatever experience people were having, even though not everyone had a joyful/delightful experience. She helped the couple who struggled in a very beautiful way. She created a safe space for people to explore this very delicate and vulnerable area of our lives. Shivani had, in my opinion, a perfect balance of strong leadership and also gentleness and humility. She was both an expression of Divine feminine – at ease with her body and her sexuality, and a Divine mother, nurturing and healing. She also left room for other leaders to contribute, but it was obvious she was holding the space. I came as a married woman without my partner and I experienced no pressure to go beyond what I was comfortable at the moment. I felt encouraged and safe. The whole experience left me with one word – beautiful. And her son being there with his closing testimony to honor his mother was the cherry on top. I have no hesitation to recommend workshops under her leadership to anyone and I will be back, hopefully with my husband next time. ~ I.L.

We gathered a gifted group of team teachers in Honolulu for this remarkable weekend in paradise:

Judith Shivani Davis – founder of the Center for Awakened Loving in Hawaii with 40 years experience in the Healing Arts and ACTE with Source School of Tantra Yoga. www.AwakenedLoving.com

Paul McCurdy – a graduate of Source School of Tantra Yoga Level 3 CTE and my team teacher in Honolulu who co-lead this weekend. Honolulu is his home where he follows his dream of leading the way to help establish and uplift the island Tantra community. His extreme passion for this work came alive in this first seminar! www.tantrayogaoahu.com

Dan Powers – also know as “Daka Dan” from Colorado, has studied with Source Tantra and many other streams of Sacred Sexual healing. Dan is generous in his knowledge of how sexuality works in our physical bodies, and his way of sharing was so fun! www.DakaDan.com

Betta de Boer-van der Kolk – a gifted expert on Tantra and Trauma who came all the way from Amsterdam to be with us. Betta and Dan demonstrated the ‘love dance’ (a completely clothed demonstration of positions for lovemaking), sharing the multitude of ways to share physical love, staying connected with body, energy and heart. It was one of the highlights of the weekend to experience!

Plus we had six trainees to help support the teachers and participants through the weekend – doing everything from helping with food and logistics to answering questions from their own experience down Tantra Lane.

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Dan and Betta demonstrating the Love Dance

We had a variety of students in our Honolulu Tantra Seminar. There were about 40 participants, some as young as 24 and as old as 70. The vast generations enjoyed each other with reverence and respect as they shared their love stories and became vulnerable with one another as the weekend progressed.

I want to shout out a big thank you to the beautiful couple who, in the depths of their disconnect, allowed me to work with them in the group and demonstrate how some of these simple, harmonizing techniques can actually work to bring back connection when it seemed impossible.

The courage required to be on this journey to the Saturday night practice, where the women allow the men to do a healing ritual with them (that may include the Sacred Spot Massage), is always so beautiful to behold.

The men left feeling confident and ready to unconditionally give this gift with no expectation of something back. The women got to experience the role of ‘receiver’ as they moved past their obstacles and fears about being worthy of this great gift.  

And of course, there is Sunday morning sharing (this is always the favorite part for the teachers) as the students share what their difficulties and their successes were. The stories range from despair and finding out what the lessons are, to joyful pleasure at having found such new avenues of loving. Everyone learned so much from each other. The final Puja was sweet and connecting, and nobody wants to leave after that!

Watch some of our students from the weekend seminar share their testimonials:

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A momentum is growing on Oahu – Paul and I are committed to feeding and nurturing the Tantra community.

You can stay connected to the Oahu community by going to Paul’s meet up group “Tantra Yoga Oahu”: www.meetup.com/Tantra-Yoga-Oahu/ 
You can also visit my website for Tantra workshops, coaching and events in Hawaii: www.awakenedloving.com

Stay tuned for our next Hawaii Tantra Weekend Seminar on November 18th – 20th, 2016!


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*Photos by Ginni Hernly. Videos by Daka Dan Powers.


Judith Shivani Davis

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator & Associate
Resident Massage Therapist and Healer

Judith Shivani Davis has been involved in the healing arts since 1976. She has four decades of experience guiding individuals, couples and groups in reclaiming sexual, spiritual, emotional and physical health. She uses her skills and intuition, informed by her experience with Rolf Method, and as a massage therapist, spiritual guide and sexual healer to heal trauma and restore balance in one’s life. Judith maintains a private practice on Maui, with visits to Colorado and California as requested, using Massage, Rolfing, Intimacy Skill Building and Sexual Healing. Judith is Founder of The Center for Awakened Loving, which provides personal Tantric coaching and seminars for couples singles, and groups.

Website: www.awakenedloving.com

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