Tantra Stories: My Sweet Dakini {Poem}

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Artwork by Jim Warren
Artwork by Jim Warren

My Sweet Dakini


She came into my room last night

The Dakini in her graceful flight

She came with a boundless energy

Some Yin, some Yang to awaken me


The Yin was sweet and soft as snow

A gentle white light, with a wondrous glow

Her magic hands reached straight to my heart

A healing touch that set her apart


From all the other women I’d known

I knew right then my love was home

All at once the Yang came out

Like a thousand Gishas –  I had to shout!


Her Yoni massaged me all over the place

My chest, my legs, my lingum, and face

I wanted to cum, but she held it in

All that energy put my head in a spin

She kept me awake all through the night

A warrior who’d rather love than fight


One more thing you all should know

The Dakini’s my beloved and our love did grow

To a higher place with God inside

Our life together is a spiritual ride


~ J.T. (Tantra Student)


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