Tantra Stories: Good Girls Like Pleasure, Too!

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Artwork by Jim Warren

For my first beginner’s weekend seminar with Source Tantra, I traveled out to Santa Cruz feeling a little shell-shocked because the Tantra people gave real full body hugs and, my goodness, they held me for a while! I tried to slip away, but it was tough.

How I mustered the courage to experience receiving a yoni massage on Saturday evening or give a lingam massage on Sunday evening? Well, the strength must have come from the Divine. And it was certainly exactly what I needed at that particular time. I am so grateful to my beloved Tantra teacher Charles Muir for encouraging me to attend.

So…that was last year. This year, I could not wait for the Saturday night homework! Instead of hiding in the back of the crowd at the workshop, I found myself sitting up front and asking lots of questions. I did not want to miss a thing! Saturday evening was a wonderful experience. 

There were actually more than two of us working together. Giving my word to others in my group, and knowing that confidentiality is so important in this work as well as in my own career, I cannot reveal what transpired with the others, only what my experience was.  

I will say that I experienced lots of pleasure this time. My body opened itself as I experienced touch in new ways and new places – both my yoni and my root chakra received pleasure.

Even more wonderful was receiving reassurance from other women in my small group, that indeed, what I was experiencing was wonderful for them to see, was perfectly natural and beautiful, and that it was a “good” thing and that I was still a good person. 

After many years of hearing that only “bad girls” like that pleasurable kind of touch, how liberating it was to be able to relax into it!

The most important thing that I learned about myself from repeating the workshop was realizing just how much progress I made in the span of one year. It was an incredible realization! ~Denise

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