{Tantra Stories} Orgasm is Not the Objective

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“I received a great gift of freedom: Orgasm is not the objective, Pleasure and Love ARE!!!” ~ Source Tantra Student

“Tantra Stories” is a series of touching testimonials from our Source School of Tantra Yoga seminar students. This story is written by a couple who found a new spark. Learn more about our Tantra Seminars HERE!

Artwork by Jim Warren
Artwork by Jim Warren

From the moment our workshop in Esalen ended and we came back to Mexico City, I´ve been dreaming about Hawaii and learning more about Tantra. Our first challenge was to keep the flame alive and the wonderful energy between us flowing as nicely as it did during our workshop. I think we have done pretty well so far!!

It´s hard to find the right words to transmit all that I have learned and grown thanks to our healing process. The workshop is truly a wonderful healing process. My sexuality has healed and my heart too. I feel more open and more alive!!! My awareness towards my chakras and energy field is more precise and full and I am now aware that when my husband and I make love it´s not only our bodies, but truly our hearts and souls melting together.

Sexuality is so much more now!!! It´s a way of deeply connecting with my husband and receiving so much soul nutrition through intimacy.

And it’s also a pathway to exploring and living my full potential, every day being more in tune with the Divine Feminine energy that I felt so deeply during the workshop. Let me tell you, there were times during our workshop when I felt like a Goddess, so beautiful and juicy and alive!! Not an ego feeling, but a deep feeling of inner beauty and light that made me feel so good.

My whole body came alive and I could really feel, feel my lips when kissing, feel my hands when touching, really feeling and not just going through the motions.

I received a great gift of freedom: Orgasm is not the objective, Pleasure and Love are!!! At last I can relax and not try to achieve all the time. At last I can respect my own rhythm and enjoy sex without so much pressure to perform a certain way.

Artwork by Jim Warren
Artwork by Jim Warren

The workshop experience was so beautiful. It was so good for me to see so much light, sweetness, beauty and grace. To feel Charles’ healing presence and really feel his knowledge and heart. I felt safe in the environment you created and I felt free to go deep into my feelings and experience.

I will hold the Puja at the end of the workshop close to my heart. I´ll never forget calling upon Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene to heal my brother, and then receiving a wonderful healing energy that filled my whole body with warmth, joy and laughter!!! My whole body filled with WHITE LIGHT!!

Tantra is a path of light for me, for expansion and deep healing. I have been a witness to so much beauty unfolding in my life. My relationship is healing and taking us to deeper more connected levels of experience, pleasure and love. I have never felt closer to Jorge and more in love. We now feel we are on a team walking towards the deepest fulfillment of our Higher Self and our Unity with God through each other.

For the first time I felt really received by my husband. When we did our ritual for him I felt like a Goddess and a sacred lover. I gave him all my love and sexuality, all my warmth and presence and he took my energy in and allowed me to go into his soul!!! And I never realized how much I longed for the feeling of having my love taken in so fully. It made me feel so loved and grateful.

During the workshop I also had a deep feeling of staying connected after making love. Even though our bodies had already separated, our souls stayed connected all through the night. We are learning new ways to keep connected during the day as well.

I really feel that Tantra is changing my life. It is also a discipline of meditation and bodywork, a commitment to my expansion and development, and I am thrilled that a road with this much pleasure can take me so close to my beloved, to my own soul and to God!!!

Love, D.M., Tantra Student

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