Tantra Stories: Sexual Trauma, Trust and Loving Men

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[blockquote align=]“Tantra Stories” is a series of touching testimonials from our Source School of Tantra Yoga seminar students. This story is written from a woman’s perspective who had a breakthrough around her childhood sexual traumas.  Learn more about our Tantra Seminars HERE![/blockquote]


Artwork by Irina Karkabi
Artwork by Irina Karkabi

I have been on my healing journey since I have been 12 years old. I grew up with a schizophrenic mother and a stepdad that sexually molested me and my sister for years. My biological father betrayed me, as well as my mother and my sisters, by sexually molesting one of my dear sisters.

It has been a long journey of opening and healing my heart to get me to a place to be open enough to take Charles and Leah’s workshop.

For me that was the best and safest place to actually practice one of the most important traits within myself: Trusting myself!

I got to practice TRUST in the choosing ritual. It was all in my power and my ability to trust my instincts in picking the right men to give me sacred spot massage or for me to give sacred spot massage to them.

The other breakthrough was that I can love men again.

Artwork by Irina Karkabi
Artwork by Irina Karkabi

During the second weekend us women had the privilege of giving sacred spot massage to a man. I very much resisted the whole idea at first. As a single mom I felt depleted and tired and really just wanted to receive. I am sure there was more to that behind it as well.

Seeing Leah demonstrate a sacred spot massage on a man from such a beautiful, clean and loving space really sparked my desire to be able to give like she does.

That particular night I aired my concerns of not having enough energy to follow through with my giving and Leah and Dawn encouraged me to try it anyways because both of them felt it would energize me.

I went ahead and did it. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I had with a man in my life. It energized me and healed me on a very deep level.

I didn’t know that I was capable of loving and giving to a man from such a powerful place.

Little did I know that it not only healed the man I was with, but me, too. I have this gift now. The whole workshop taught me to understand and love men better. I feel free!

Love, K.B.

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NOTE: If you have history of sexual molestation, rape or emotional abuse, seek guidance from a suitable psychological or medical doctor before taking this program.

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