Tantra Stories: Not One, But TWO Gods for this Goddess

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“Tantra Stories” is a series of touching testimonials from our Source School of Tantra Yoga seminar students. This story is written from a single woman’s perspective who choose not one but two men to serve her in the Sacred Spot Ritual. Learn more about our Tantra Seminars HERE!

It was my third Source School of Tantra Yoga Beginners Seminar Weekend as a single, so I was no stranger to the Saturday evening selection circle for the Sacred Spot home play assignment. 

As I looked around me I saw each male God volunteer surrounded in light as they sat patiently to see if they were chosen to honor a Goddess that night. I knew them all to be trustworthy as my Goddess sisters and I held hands and danced in the center of the circle.

{ In this video, Leah Alchin prepares the women on how to choose a male partner for the Sacred Spot home play assignment, and what to do if she chooses not to participate. }

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When it was time to choose I found myself standing directly between not one, but two Gods! For a moment I caught my breath and thought, “Oh! Which ONE should I pick??” Then I immediately thought “Ah! I am Goddess and I choose BOTH!” With that I plunked down on the floor in front of them and placed my hands over theirs.

When the men opened their eyes they smiled first at me, then (in surprise) at each other. After a few minutes of conversation, we decided that in the interest of time we would all three participate together rather than separately.

We met in my room for a picnic dinner where we chatted about the evening. Then the real teamwork began.

Artwork by Irina Karkabi
Artwork by Irina Karkabi

First, they drew me a warm bubbly bath. While I was soaking they changed into God-garb and prepared the room. As they led me from the bath along a rose petal strewn path toward the bed they asked, “Would the Goddess like to be carried to the bed?” What fun!

Without hesitation I let myself fall back into their waiting arms and was swooped smoothly to the center of the bed. I disrobed and laid on my stomach while I received a delicious four-handed massage.

The evening continued to unfold perfectly for the Sacred Spot Massage. LEARN MORE ABOUT SACRED SPOT MASSAGE HERE!

It was a profoundly comforting experience to be cradled above in the arms of one man and receive Sacred Spot massage below by the other. I could feel my energy move smoothly throughout my body between them.

I was also practicing my sounding to great delight and enjoying the resonance between us. A few times tears came, as I felt blissfully overwhelmed by the adoration and honoring that the men were bestowing on me.

My heart is full of gratitude for both men who stepped into their giving roles so generously! It was an experience I’ll always treasure…. Love, K.C.

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