Thailand Vacation Seminar with Masters Charles Muir & Mantak Chia January 5th-15th, 2020


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Imagine traveling to the magical gardens of Thailand where you will stay in a luxurious resort and spa while you study with world renowned teachers on the art of love, energy and sacred sexuality. Here at the Tao Gardens you finally have the time to rest, relax and rejuvenate your soul in a calm and peaceful atmosphere with a welcoming group of students from around the world. 


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In the morning you can rise early to do your solo meditation practice or join a group QiGong class before being served a healthy breakfast in the dining hall made with produce from the organic garden on the beautiful property. Mindfully you stroll to the lecture hall to begin your studies of the day with plenty of breaks to lounge by the pool, indulge in a spa treatment or go back to your room to practice the techniques you will learn throughout the retreat. 




Here you will study with the foremost teachers of Tantra Yoga and Taoist lovemaking as they teach the ancient secret arts of sacred sexuality from India and China. This once in a lifetime opportunity offers a chance to study with Tantra Master Charles Muir (Author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving) and Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia (Author of Taoist Secrets of Love) along with their team of guest teachers and support staff.




In this ten day seminar retreat you will learn esoteric and exotic practices of sexual love which transforms sex into a profound, loving meditation overflowing with energy, passion and intimacy. The tastefully presented curriculum explores Sexuality in the Taoist System, 12 Ways to Change Ordinary Sex into Tantric Sexual Love, Tantra and Taoist Reflexology, Women’s and Men’s Practices, Advanced Lovemaking Techniques and more… with plenty of free time for local exploration, social mixers or relaxing around the pool.



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