Tantra Stories: The Tantra Journey {Poem}

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[blockquote align=]“Tantra Stories” is a series of touching testimonials from our Source School of Tantra Yoga seminar students. This is a poem written by a male student after attending a Tantra weekend workshop.  Learn more about our Tantra Seminars HERE![/blockquote]


Artwork by Jim Warren
Artwork by Jim Warren

The Tantra Journey

A Poem by Pierce


We will heal our hearts and soul together,

To learn more about how our hearts where damaged

We will learn to trust each to be destructive no more

When we lay together, the Tantra healing will begin.


I hope someday to understand who we have become

To understand what journey we have been on?

It is my dream to join you on a new journey

A journey with the Goddess that you know you are.


That Journey will begins the first day our energies align

The time our inner voice first speak the same mantra

The instant our eyes see each others’ inner strength and beauty

We will give to each other the healing energy that we both seek.


With amusement and wonder our journey together begins

From our most sacred places deep within our bodies and souls

We will allow each other into that place that holds damage no one else sees

Each day we will wake to find more love and energy added to this journey.


We travel in good sprit and with laughter in our hearts,

As long as we know we are on the same journey

With trust, a healing sprit and an open hart

For both of us, I the healing man sprit and you goddess earth.


We will empty the sorrow and refill with love

The hearts that other have hurt

On this voyage of acceptance and understanding

We will smile knowing our hearts and souls travel well together.


Will make it our Tantra Journey.


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