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308987_246731438700106_2410521_nInvestigative Reporter, Damon Orion with Good Times Magazine, writes about his experience attending a Source School of Tantra Yoga seminar in Santa Cruz, California.

Inside the golf club’s conference and reception room, 34 people — relationship counselors, professors, psychiatrists, scientists—sit on blue back jack-style floor chairs adorned with lotus emblems. Colorful chakra diagrams and tapestries of Eastern deities hang on the walls and ceilings, and at the rear of the room are some tables loaded with Tantra supplies for sale: DVDs, books, tapestries, lubes, body oils, herbal hard-on pills, relationship runes and a crystal G-spot stimulator.

The group is comprised of eight couples and 14 singles, plus four CTE (Certified Tantra Educator) Assistants. The vast majority of participants are above 30, and many are significantly older. They’ve come from all over: California, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Finland. Most attendees express an interest in healing from past traumas, while some just want to be better lovers or to improve their relationships.

This idiot-simple technique, which I’d spent all of 10 minutes studying up on, sent my partner slow-motion bliss-leaping through golden meadows of eternity.

Though there is no nudity or explicit sexual activity in Source School’s seminars, students will be given optional “home play” assignments to be completed behind closed doors.

In the interest of giving all attendees an opportunity to complete the assignments, the seminar has an equal number of male and female singles. Single people will pair up as study buddies in “Sadie Hawkins” style: Those women who choose to participate will ask the men to dance, so to speak.

Under different circumstances, a single guy like me would be thrilled by the large number of beautiful women at this workshop, but as a journalist, I have every intention of remaining a passive observer this weekend. And Miley Cyrus invented calculus.

Any fears I’d had that this workshop was going to be overly New Age-y or phony-holy are demolished when Charles and Leah begin their presentation: They not only talk like real people, but are playful and funny. If the tall, auburn-haired Muir’s surprisingly youthful appearance is any indication, perhaps there’s truth to all the claims about Tantra’s rejuvenative power.

tantra-the-art-of-conscious-lovingHere are the Tools of Tantra from Charles Muir’s book, “Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving”:

TUNE IN WITH SPOONS: “You don’t have to wait for that magical moment when you are both in the mood,” says Charles Muir. Create the mood by getting in the spoon position, lying down, one holding the other from behind. Be still and synchronize your breathing. This puts you in tune with your partner.

HITTING THE SACRED SPOT: The G-spot, named after Ernst Grafenburg, M.D., is in the upper wall of the vagina. You can touch it through the vaginal wall, about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. It’s a small lump that swells as it is stimulated. You may feel like you have to urinate when the spot is first touched, but don’t stop. It gets better and better. Learn more about Sacred Spot massage here!

TAKE TIME OUT: Here’s a pause that expresses: When you’re making love, stop moving for two minutes. Synchronize your breathing. Then hold your partner and look intently at each other. Imagine you are sending your energy back and forth. This exercise creates an even greater energy level and allows your lovemaking to be more emotional and less goal-oriented.

EXTEND THE ORGASM: Here’s how to elongate the orgasm through breathing. Halfway into the peak of your climax, inhale slowly. Imagine you are sending your vibrant sexual energy to the brain. The feeling of climax continues as you inhale. Then, slowly release your breath, making as much sound as possible. The volume of your sound influences the depth of your orgasm.

KEEPING ABREAST: “The breasts need to be touched, without being just a prelude to sex,” believes Caroline Muir. Heat up some scented lotion in the microwave or in your hands. Make gentle circles in the center of his chest. Ask your partner to touch his own breasts. Put your hands over his and learn how he wants to be touched. Have him do the same for you. Show him exactly how you love to be touched.

TOUCH UP YOUR TOUCH: Take five minutes each day to consciously touch your partner. Try to include these types of touch, varying the speed and intensity: nonmoving, stroking, circling, kneading, and gentle pinching, scratching, and tapping. Bring love, nurturing, and compassion into your touch.


cover_web* Published in “Good Times Magazine”, a Cover Story featured in the February 2010 issue by Damon Orion.
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