Transform Your Relationships with Tantra {Dawn & Gerard}

Certified Tantra Educator Spotlight with Dawn Beck, CTE3 and Gerard Gatz, CTE2

With the divorce rate in the US currently between 40 – 50% and so many couples living in a state of coexistence with a tremendous lack of sexual, playful, intimate, and/or spiritual connection, we can feel that the pressures of being in a committed relationship is less than ideal.

For many couples, there is so much pressure to keep house, raise children, make money, keep up with activities that involve friends, other family members, and self care, that the core relationship is what ends up suffering.

The intimate relationship takes the back seat to all the other ‘more important’ obligations and responsibilities. The couple who started out so attracted to one anther….so in touch with their common dreams and desires….and so in love….are now sharing in the ‘work’ of life, and missing out in the ‘pleasure’ of life together.

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As Certified Tantric Educators, Gerard and I are contacted almost weekly by a couple who has ‘lost the juice’. Sometimes it’s the man. Sometimes it’s the woman. Sometimes it’s both. Couples seek answers to questions like:

“How can we bring the passion back into our lives?”

“Why doesn’t my wife want to have sex with me?”

“Where is the intimacy in our relationship?”

“How can my partner and I go deeper?”

“Why am I bored with just having sex?”

To answer these relationship and intimacy questions, we encourage couples to explore Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

Teacher_DawnandGerard-3We encourage them not only from being Certified Tantric Educators, but from a place of being a couple for over 12 years who have all the challenges that most couples have. We both work hard in our busy lives, raised two children, run a joint business and our own businesses, have a mortgage and other financial obligations, need time for ourselves, have different interests, and…. probably the most challenging of all….. we live together!

When I say that living together is the biggest challenge, I don’t mean that we don’t enjoy living together or that we don’t actually do that very well. We do. What I mean is that when a couple lives together, ALL their stuff is out ALL the time. Emotional stuff. Physical stuff. Quirky stuff. Sex stuff. ALL of it! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

And, with all of that stuff on the surface, it is sometimes challenging to keep sight of the initial reasons for the coming together. Easy to take each other for granted. Easy to allow the every day grind to become more important than the relationship. And… it is easy to not feel the initial sexual charge that was there at the very beginning.

Because we are a couple who deeply honors our relationship by practicing what we preach, we love sharing with couples ways to bring more passion, intimacy, connection, love, and sexual fulfillment into their lives.

We encourage couples to transform their relationships with Tantra by:

  • Scheduling Tantric date nights with each other
  • Giving each other compliments and not take each other or the relationship for granted
  • Doing special little things for each other
  • Honoring each other’s differences and similarities and find the joy in both
  • Spending time and energy creating surprises for each other to keep their love and lives fresh and vibrant
  • Adding sacred sexual healing into their loving
  • Not focusing on who is right or wrong, but to focus on the importance of their partnership
  • Taking time away from each other when needed as to not build up resentment
  • Communicating with respect and consideration, treating each other as they desire to be treated

The couples that we work with learn so much from us, because we set an example of what is possible. And we learn so much from working with couples because it reminds us of what the challenges are and what we have to keep committing to in our own relationship to keep it growing and deepening.

With learning in both directions, we feel that we are blessed to have the opportunity to share our love, not only with each other, but to inspire couples around us in knowing that we live with many of the same challenges in relationship that they do.

We enjoy and grow in our relationship by committing to the intention of practicing loving each other with open communication, incorporating Tantric dates, keeping a sense of humor, and staying present to our own as well as each other’s needs, growth, changes, and love.

With some of these simple reminders, we realize that so much beauty and depth is possible in the realm of being a couple. ~ Dawn and Gerard

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Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz are a Conscious Loving couple. They are Certified Tantra Educators through the Source School of Tantra Yoga.

They offer transformational Tantra based workshops, Pujas, and private coaching for individuals and couples at

“We have been loving each other for over 17 years. Incorporating the work (and play) of Conscious and Sacred Loving into our relationship has deepened and strengthened our love…giving us an amazing bond of sweetness and depth.  We are honored to share the essence of this work with others…always creating a safe space for learning and growth”

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